Transport to and around Italy

In this section, you can find suggestions and advice for travelling to Italy and travelling around Italy.


Travelling to Italy

If you want to travel to Italy from the UK, many options are open to you: aeroplane, bus/coach, car, train... car plus train... car and/or train plus ferry... You can choose whatever suits your temperament, budget and time frame.


If you fly to Italy from the UK, the longest you'll spend in the air is around three hours - though of course there is all the getting to and from airports and waiting around for security checks and so on.


If you drive or take the train, you need to allow a couple of days to reach Italy comfortably from the UK - but the journey itself will be part of the experience. As the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun.


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Travelling around Italy

Getting around Italy is not difficult per se, in that public transport is pretty efficient and the roads are generally well maintained, but it can be a challenge for the uninitiated. Reading up about a few of the potential pitfalls before you set off can save you a lot of stress.


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